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While interior fashion is not a slave to the changing seasons the way apparel fashion is, trends still emerge in this industry. In this article, we'll explore the latest color trends, style trends, and the classics that stand the test of time.

Color Trends for 2016:

White is the hottest color this year. Benjamin Moore was the first I saw to announce this grand arrival of white. They have a lovely page on their website celebrating the nuances of white. When I first entered this industry 16 years ago, it was my mission to eradicate white walls - which I did for many years. But I am very excited for white to make a comeback. It is a perfect compliment to all the gray that's come out in the past few years. Actually - and I know you know this - white goes with almost anything! 

​Check out these gorgeous white rooms: 
Photo courtesy of ​Bloglovin'
While the white walls are nice for these people, not all lifestyles will permit this. However, white is showing up more and more in our window treatments and accessories.  White panels add a simple sophistication - a gorgeous finishing touch! 
Gold accents. I know, some of us are still trying to replace the shiny brass doorknobs, hinges, lighting and plumbing fixtures that were the builder's standard in the 80's and into the 90's. Don't worry - brass isn't back - gold is! Less garish than brass, brushed gold or antiqued gold is hot, hot, hot! Just remember, a little goes a long way!
Gold accents help add warmth to all the grays and blues that we love. Notice how these are different from the brass we are still avoiding (mostly - I love to break rules).
It's not just in the hardware, though...check out these gorgeous gold window treatment fabrics.
I could go on for days about color trends. The grays are still hot, of course, but they will be warmer this year. The blues will still be around, perhaps a bit deeper - all shades have their place, however. Jewel tones will bring contrast to the pastel walls we will still be incorporating.
Style trends for 2016:
3 words: panels, panels, panels. This has been going on for some time now. Almost every discount home furnishing store has panels in a variety of cool fabrics. Most are not lined and don't have the details that custom treatments provide, but the choices for simple stationary panels is amazing right now. In the custom arena, we are creating a lot of one-width stationary panels. All of the photos above have panels in them - and I didn't do that on purpose - see!!?!
Adding some sort of contrasting accent is very popular right now. Even trim is trying to make a comeback - I'm guessing we'll hear more about this in 2017 if the economy holds up. 

Another new trend in window treatment styles is keeping it simple, using only 'hard treatments' (blinds, shades, etc) in a space. In all kinds of interiors, we'll be seeing more and more of this - with really interesting fabrics. The natural fabrics are popular in a wide variety of textures and colors. And finally, solar screens remain popular in contemporary spaces, but I think we'll be seeing them in places that are less expected.